An everyday life dairy of my world.

God’s art 




That moment where you just find yourself… Your community, yourself and much more.

And all I needed to find is PLR, that is all 

  A picture with a thousand words that I can’t express 


Source: The Joys of HAPPINESS

A reminder

so I wrote nothing about my day two of recovery because there was no emotion to share nor there was any experience to express. But all I do know slowly but surely this will come to end and I will rejoice not course of happiness and relief but because I have come with terms with it all. And what will be felt is forgiveness but I must say will be hard to do. Happy Wednesday 😘

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One Blessed Fool's Way to Happiness

Imagination. Freedom. Faith.

Style Me Manly

Style Me Manly

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An unapologetically all-over-the-place journal by Ashley Wilson Fellers


An everyday life dairy of my world.


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