So yesterday I wake up and do the usual. I know it sounds really boring right! But something hits me around midday ‘what are you doing with your life?’ There and there I got out of bed got my gym clothes out, went to the back garden and did yoga. After all that I felt refreshed.

My mind starts going wild again and I just couldn’t handle it, it was time for me to find my joy and happiness again.

Went to the kitchen and started to cook. That was the first time in my life where a whole lot of inspiration come to me and gave me joy. I was so exacted about life, a VERY HAPPY MOMENT I should say. I cooked with love and passion, it was felt through out the house.

It makes me happy to make other people HAPPY.

Looking at the enjoyment and pleasure my family got from my food was AMAZING. Its an imagine to be remembered and not forgotten at all. I wish I took a picture to share with all.

Then it came to me to actually have a taste of a successful meal. OMG the feelings I had and sensation was a moment of SILENCE. To enjoy every element to that plate literally even to the little things like spice. I was in HEAVEN.

My JOY of HAPPINESS was found just from a simple motion of cooking.